Total Body Plan DVD Available

Total Woman

Our bespoke training programmes for women are designed to work with women's bodies rather than against them, prescribing exercises that will condition, lengthen, strengthen and sculpt but not add bulk. To achieve the long lean lines most women desire we focus on the trouble spots women struggle with the most, abs, arms, thighs and bum with exercises that emphasise length and enhance posture.

After an initial consultation / assessment we will create a programme designed to reduce body fat, increase muscle tone, lengthen posture and revitalise the workout experience. Our programmes include cardiovascular conditioning not just to burn fat but to also increase the body's efficiency at burning fat. We do this by varying the intensity of workouts to constantly challenge the body's energy delivery mechanisms making leaner meaner fat burning machines.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of any successful training programme, The Total Body Plan Meal Planner is an easy to follow guide that will help you get the best results possible in the shortest possible time.