Total Body Plan DVD Available

Total Man

We work from the point of view that one size definitely does not fit all. Catering for all body types, including those who believe they cannot put on muscle, our bespoke programmes draw on multiple disciplines to create safe and effective routines that deliver results, keep clients motivated and that work around their busy schedules.

Time needn't be a hindrance to your training, our programmes can be tailored around safe but high intensity, targeted training that builds a stronger body in the limited time that might be available to you.

With regular assessments we can check your progress to ensure you stay on track, making changes where and when necessary. Using the Total Body Plan Meal Planner we give nutritional guidance to ensure you are fuelling your body correctly to get optimum results. Whether your goals are muscle building, weight loss, sports conditioning or simply to get fit our structured programmes are individually tailored and use the most up to date research and principles with practical application to get the best results possible in the shortest possible time.