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Total Body Plan

Personal Training

We work from the point of view that one size definitely does not fit all.

Our training programmes are bespoke and draw on multiple disciplines to create safe and effective routines that deliver results, keep clients motivated and that work around our clients busy schedules. We recognise that men's and women's bodies require different stimulus to get the desired results and through our combined experience can offer workouts that are unique in our business.

Posture, flexibility and mobility

To get the best results from exercise it is important to be able to execute movements correctly, this requires attention to detail, knowledge of specific stretches and exercises that will free up problem areas.

If you strengthen your body by exercising in good posture you will find it easier to maintain good posture throughout the day.

Conditioning Programmes

Name your sport and we can provide the solution to your training requirements.

It doesn't matter if you are male or female, by combining resistance training, cardiovascular training, core conditioning and good nutrition we can cater for all levels of fitness from basic circuit training to high intensity sports conditioning.

Muscle Building Programmes

Our structured muscle building programmes are individually tailored to suit the needs of of our busy clients.

Regular assessments check your progress to ensure you stay on track. We give nutritional guidance to ensure you are fuelling your body to get the best results possible in the shortest possible time. Catering for all body types, including those of you who believe you cannot put on muscle. Our muscle building plans are female friendly. Other training companies will not differentiate between men's and women's training, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to design programs that won't add bulk to thighs, neck, shoulders or arms (unless you specifically want to) so women don't end up with men's physiques.

Weight loss Programmes

Our trainers will design programmes on an individual basis that will make you a leaner meaner fat burning machine.

By combining cardiovascular training at varying intensities, resistance work and core conditioning that is suitable to your body type (male/female) you will lose fat, increase lean muscle and sculpt problem areas to get the physique you desire with an eating plan that you can stick with for life.


Total Body Plan DVD

Jonathan Goodair's Total Body Plan DVD

The Total Body Plan workout is now available on DVD – shipping to the UK, Europe & USA* – including suggested beginner & advanced training shedules.

Jonathan designed this low impact workout to focus on the three trouble spots his clients complained about most, back of the upper arms, abdominals and the Glutes. His aim is to develop long, toned muscles without adding any bulk.

*All DVDs are PAL (Region code 2) so please check that your DVD player is compatible before purchasing.

DVD + Postage

Total Body Plan DVD

Equipment required:

1 x 1.5kg Dumbell
Available here

1 x interchangeable handle
Available here

1 x SPRI interchangeable tubing system Advanced
Available here


1 x SPRI interchangeable tubing system intermediate
Available here