Total Body Plan DVD Available

Jonathan Goodair

Personal trainer Jonathan Goodair may be best known for helping sculpt celebrity bodies, but he’s also helped train and condition England rugby players, Olympic runners, and a host of celebrity clients.

It’s not just celebrities and elite athletes who get star treatment from Jonathan. He also trains busy professionals who appreciate his ability to get the most out of them in a single session.

Thanks to his long-term interests in sports conditioning and Pilates, Jonathan is as skilled at creating long, lean muscles in women as he is in adding bulk and strength to men. His bespoke Total Body Plan harnesses “the best of what’s out there,” he says. It fuses principles drawn from his constant study of a wide variety of sport to create the ultimate workout – and the ultimate transformation.

Although Jonathan’s philosophy includes “200 minutes of hell” – a minimum of 200 minutes per week of intense cardiovascular work – training sessions with him are anything but. His workouts are constantly challenging and changing. They include moves drawn from Pilates and his sweat-inducing treadmill aerobics, which will melt fat from even the most stubborn of places.

Jonathan Goodair